These days back pain is quite a common problem among people across the globe. Almost 90% Americans at any point of time suffers with this monster. Pain attacks the lower back first. It is not a disease but may be a precursor to some back injury.

Doctors say that the number of patients suffering from back pain, especially lower back pain is increasing day by day. Back pain may be caused by many fundamental reasons, but often it gets very difficult to trace the specific cause and thus controlling and ending pain.

If the pain in back pain has been there for less than a month it is considered acute but it is chronic if it lasts longer

Causes of Back Pain

Among the common causes of back pain first comes our sedentary lifestyle. It is the cause behind disease or injury to muscles, bones or nerves of the spine. Usually the pain roots from the abdomen, pelvis, or chest that is actually may be your back pain. This condition is called referred pain

Among others appendicitis, aneurysms, kidney diseases, bladder infections, pelvic infections, and ovarian disorders can cause back pain. Pregnancy also possibly cause back pain as during pregnancy ligaments stretch within the pelvis that strains the low back.

Often nerve impingement or irritation leads to the bulging of the disc of lower back bones. Sciatica, a very common and wide spread problem is an example of nerve root impingement. In Sciatica the pain is so sharp that the specific area of the leg that have nerve supplies become numb

Our spine is made of several discs. If these spinal discs degenerate or grow thinner the condition is called Herniated discs. The bulging centre of the disc bulges out of the central cavity and pushes against a nerve root. Gradually discs begin to degenerate. Almost 1/3rd adults older than 20 years of age suffer from herniated discs.

Spondylosis occurs when intervertebral discs lose moisture and thus begin to contract with the growing age, which results in the formation of gap between two discs. To worsen the situation it may sometime have inflammation and nerve root impingement.

Spinal stenosis is caused by narrowing of spinal canal due to deterioration of Spinal disc and disease of the joints in low back. A person suffering from spinal stenosis may have pain on standing for a long time or walking.

Cauda equina syndrome is medically a disaster where the spinal cord is compressed due to the spread of Disc material into the spinal canal. A person would endure pain, possibly lose sensation and can not control urination. He sees difficulty in releasing urine as well as he will go for frequent urination.

Certain Musculoskeletal pains like myofascial pain syndromes and fibromyalgia are also there in anyone’s life Myofascial pain is the pain and tenderness over muscles of localized areas. Pain is relieved when the implicated muscle group is stretched. The pain and tenderness is widespread throughout the body in  Fibromyalgia. Generalized stiffness, fatigue, and muscle aches are the side effects of Fibromyalgia.

Last but not least osteomyelitis and Tumors can be a starting place of skeletal pain.