A great personality is always looked upon with vivid grooming aspects. One is watched over his standing and sitting posture. Correct posture serves two fold purposes one is that it brings out the beauty of your body and secondly it shows the self confidence in an individual

Disadvantage of Incorrect Posture

  Incorrect posture puts additional stress on joints, neck and shoulders. This reason is enough to make one tired.

  While working or driving incorrect sitting posture also puts unnecessary pressure on the backbone and may also weaken muscles and ligaments

  Incorrect sitting posture interrupts the proper functioning of heart and lungs that might lead to oxygen deficiency in blood which will cause weakness and lethargy

Physical appearance and personality goes hand in hand. Awareness about correct posture will solve many problems.

Tips to improve posture

  Standing posture Imagine a straight line parallel to your body. Don’t hunch your back or shoulders. Divide your body weight equally on both your feet while standing. Don’t bend one leg and put entire weight on one leg only if standing for long hours. Keep your head steady and straight and hands by the side of your body

  Sitting Posture Give support of ground to the feet while sitting. Maintain that the angle between feet and knees and that between knees and back is 90 degree. Keep your head straight. Pull your shoulders back

  Keep your chin inline with your chest, parallel to the floor. Correct posture ensures good health and confident personality

Yoga and exercise contributes in improving your body posture. Yoga tells you to enhance body consciousness by making you aware of your posture positively. Shoulders and hips are vital to posture; hence Yoga helps and improves flexibility of these

Looking good is no more a daunting task. Thanks to fashionable cloths and accessories available in the market. But besides these all a rather reasonable choice is working on improving one’s posture. Fascinated by the appearance the modern world youth brigade oversee beauty than simply having the “right look”.

Attraction increases with the improvement in personality aspect of beauty. In a study conducted by University of Central Florida, it was discovered that men overlook the physical appearance of a woman if she’s likeable and friendly. Thus we can conclude that even if people who may not meet modern day standards of substantial charm might also be considered beautiful

Looking up while walking make you look taller and instill confidence in you and this is reflected in your stature. You will also look more friendly and approachable. Raised shoulders shows if you are worried and anxious so keep your shoulders down to avoid wrong interpretation that your posture might convey to other people. Down shoulders will give you a relaxed look

Stretching regularly will ease off tension and also help in improving your spinal posture. Posture doe not only means standing and sitting. Sleeping Posture is too important. Lot of pillows and soft toys reduces the space for sleeping on bed which may result in lethargy, neck pain or body aches in morning. Thus developing a proper posture for sleeping will raise your mood throughout the day.